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Common Parts for the
M18 Model Engine
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Horsepower: 14
Produced from: 1983 to 1988
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We carry hundreds of other parts for the M18 that are not on this list. You can also find what you are looking for by part number or keyword using the search boxes above. Click on the part number of description below for pricing and purchasing information.

299750   Air Filter
300429   Air Filter Element
302280   Alternator
300668   Ammeter
300817   Belt 40" - Standard
300805   Belt 41.6"
299377   Dipstick
301013   Exhaust Manifold
299435   Exhaust Manifold Gasket
300128   Filter Electric Lift
298854   Filter Fuel Oil
300209   Filter Lube Oil
301118   Gasket Head
299367   Gasket Oil Pan
256838   Gasket Set Complete
256837   Gasket Set Upper
301754   Glow Plug
300675   Harness 10 FT. EXT.
300708   Harness 5 FT. EXT.
298586   Harness Engine
Contact us - Heat Exchanger (A)
299838   Heat Exchanger End Cap
299838   Heat Exchanger Gasket
300671   Ignition Switch
Note WP   Impeller
N/A   Injection Hardware Kit
Contact us - Injector (B)
299520   Injector Return Line
299525   Inlection Pump
301514   Inlector Nozzle
300514   Isolators
M18CPL   M18 Common Parts Listing
200157   Manuals Operators

200139   Manuals Parts
200155   Manuals Technical
301431   Oil Drain Washer Kit
298663   Oil Pressure Switch
299405   Oil Pump
300690   Panel Custom
300685   Panel Deluxe
300680   Panel Standard
N/A   PTO Pulley Kit
300203   Pump Fresh Water
301385   Pump Fuel Lif
300204   Pump Mounting Gasket
N/A   Pump Rebuild Kit
N/A   Pump Repair Kit
302648   Pump Sea Water (C)
302885   Pump Seal (C)
302838   Pump Conversion Kit (excludes pump)
302837   Pump Conversion Kit (includes pump)
302678   Pump Mounting Gasket (C)
301119   Shim Cylinder Head
256946   Spare Parts Kit A
256830   Spare Parts Kit B
299512   Starter
Contact us - Starter Solenoid
300684   Tachometer
300687   Tachometer with Hour Meter
300238   Tank Coolant Recovery
301358   Thermostat Element
N/A   Thermostat Element Gasket
300237   Thermostat MTG Gasket
299456   Valve Cover Gasket
N/A   Water Injected Elbow
300670   Water Temp Meter
299066   Water Temp Sender
301069   Zinc

(A) Part Number 298663 is the older style exchanger and 299049 is latest style (2")
(B) Qty - 1 298787 and Qty - 1 298788 used per engine.
(C) New style Sherwood pump (old Sherwood style has 6 end cap bolts old Oberdorfer style has 4 end cap bolts)
(D) Part Number 300538 with studs or Part Number 299771 with screws.
WP: Many Universal engines may different raw water pumps installed. Please use our pump identification guide to determine the pump on your engine.

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