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Common Parts for the
4.3OSi-BF Model Engine
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Produced from: to Present

We carry hundreds of other parts for the 4.3OSi-BF that have not yet been assigned to the engine. You can also find what you are looking for by part number or keyword using the search boxes to the left.

3859019 Distributor Cap

3860086 Drive Belt - Serpentine

3855808 Exhaust Valve - Standard

3850599 Fixture

3862228 Fuel Filter

3861355 Fuel Pump Kit

3854942 Gasket

3854299 Gasket

3859001 Gasket Kit

3858999 Ignition Cable Kit

3861985 Ignition Coil

3862567 Impeller Kit

3855810 Inlet Valve - Standard

3859025 Main Bearing Kit - Standard

3855740 Piston Ring Kit - Standard

3854955 Rod Bearing - Standard

3858977 Rotor

3812693 Sea Water Pump

3857532 Sender

3852029 Sender

872068 Sender - Dual

872064 Sender - Dual

3858997 Spark Plug Kit

3831426 Thermostat Kit - 70°C