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Manufacturer: Tide Minders
Part Number: TMKIT
TideMinder Mooring Line Kit

Part #TMKIT from Tide Minders

Mooring line not included. This kit is easy to install on your own line (up to 1" diameter).

  • Protection against chafing and line fouling.
  • Constant tension of lines with built-in shock absorption during high winds.
  • You�re no longer "tied to your boat" resetting and adjusting lines during storms or tidal changes.
  • Steady up & down movement, with the boats up & down movement.
  • TideMinders float and come in two colors.

The Tideminders system for controlling dock/mooring lines in tidal waters is simply amazing. This inexpensive string of pearls protects lines against fouling and chafing. Your lines will roll up and down any size piling eliminating the need to constantly adjust lines during storms and tidal changes. As the balls move up and down they offer constant tension with built in shock absorption.

Installation requires no tools! If you can tie a figure 8 knot you�re ready to use the Tideminders system. One package of 9 Tideminders gives you protection on any size piling.

"We added TideMinders to the stern lines on our C&C 32, used daily in our sailing schools at Torresen Marine. We don't have tides, but our open docks are exposed to rough water during storms and on windy days. The TideMinders have really done their job, keeping steady tension on the stern lines as they adjust to surges and waves. After a full season of use, there was no sign of chafing - the lines were as good as new. TideMinders should be especially useful on boats that are unattended for days or weeks at a time."
Brian Torresen, Service Manager
Torresen Marine, Muskegon, MI.

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