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Manufacturer: Sunfish
Part Number: 91086
Drain plug, rwo, used 1989-1997

Part #91086 from Sunfish

Old # 79457
Used on 420/fj/laser/pico/sunfish/V15 and other boats

Questions about the correct plug?

Plug Guide

1960-1988 Metal Screw Type New # 91092 Old # 65015
1989-1997 RWO Black Twist New # 91086 Old # 79457
1998-2001 Holt Grey Twist New # 91090 Old # 13-50-0
2002-Current Beckson Black Twist # 91085 Old # 20013

Use this information as a general guideline. Your boat may have been retrofitted with another plug regardless of its actual year.

Our price: $6.00 - each


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