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Manufacturer: Taylor
Part Number: 61427
Laser hull cover

Part #61427 from Taylor

Old numbers: 55001, 87105, 87203 LaserPerformance covers are manufactured in the USA by Taylor Made products, with the most advanced materials available and are the only cover sporting a 5 year limited warranty. Built to the highest quality standards, these covers are the best fitting, longest lasting and easiest to use covers on the market today. Crafted in the USA • 5 year limited warranty! • LaserPerformance Covers are made from Marchem Vista (trademark sign) which is arguably the highest quality marine fabric available. ◦UV and mildew resistant ◦Water repellent ◦Breathable ◦Exceptionally strong • Sewn with Tenara (trademark sign) sewing thread by Gore, the highest quality thread available • LaserPerformance Covers incorporate padded corners, local reinforcements at critical wear points and top stitched lines to extend the life of your cover. • Personalize your cover on the specifically designated area. • Brilliant fit and black/tan color scheme make these covers the best looking covers available

Our price: $261.00 - each


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