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Common Parts for the
W33 Model Engine
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Horsepower: 33
Produced from: October, 1980 to October, 1984
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We carry hundreds of other parts for the W33 that are not on this list. You can also find what you are looking for by part number or keyword using the search boxes above. Click on the part number of description below for pricing and purchasing information.

30594   Alternator
NA   Belt Sea Water Pump
30475   Belt STD Alternator
24683   Circuit Breaker
30464   Dipstick
30548   Filter Electric Lift
30200   Filter Fuel Oil
35828   Filter Lube Oil
30405   Gasket Head
30413   Gasket Oil Pan
30729   Gasket Set Complete
30728   Gasket Set Upper
24353   Glowplug
36557   Harness 15 FT. EXT 4 Pin
30760   Harness 15 FT. EXT 8 Pin
24774   Heat Exchanger
31290   Heat Exchanger End Cap
31291   Heat Exchanger Gasket
33093   Injection Hardware Kit
30447   Injection Pump
30538   Injector
30297   Injector Nozzle
CALL   Injector Return Line
32013   Isolators Front
32013   Isolators Rear
NA   Manual Operator
32139   Manual Partslist
43440   Manual Technical
35110   Oil Pressure Meter
24132   Oil Pressure Sender
34761   Oil Pressure Switch

36843   Panel Instrument-Admiral
36473   Panel Instrument-Captain
33764   Preheat & Start Switch
30473   Pump Fresh Water
39275   Pump Fuel Lift
34440   Pump Impeller Kit
30326   Pump Mounting Gasket
30474   Pump Mounting Gasket
NA   Pump Rebuild Kit
34466   Pump Repair Kit
33636   Pump Sea Water
33043   Pump Seal
32149   Remote Lube Oil Filter
CALL   Silencer Air Intake
23041   Solenoid Fuel Shut Off
24639   Solenoid Preheat
24939   Spare Parts Kit A
24940   Spare Parts Kit B
30593   Starter Motor
30245   Starter Solenoid
24977   Tank Coolant Recovery
24688   Thermostat
24323   Thermostat Mounting Gasket
30407   Valve Cover Gasket
35111   Voltmeter
W33CPL   W33 Common Parts Listing
36259   Water Inj. Exhaust Elbow 45
23329   Water Inj. Exhaust Elbow 90
35108   Water Temperature Meter
35109   Water Temperature Sender
30125   Water Temperature Switch
11885   Zinc

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