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Harken C Battcar Systems

Harken C Battcar Systems
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Category #: 10293
Parts for this system are listed below

This system is typically used on monohull boats from 60 to 80 feet in length with sail area under 1500 square feet. The system can also be applied to multihull boats from 50 to 65 feet in length with under 1250 square feet of sail area.

The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Cars are easily removed from the track by freeing the screwpin endstop and sliding thm off. Both CB and Slider Battcar systems use the same track. Mix and match sliders and ball bearing cars for optimal performance and cost.

Custom CB Cars
Custom CB Battcars feature captive balls for easy installation and maintenance. The quick-release button lets you easily remove the mainsail.


3855 - Harken System C CB Endstop Kit - Flat

$131.95 each

3853 - Harken System C CB Mast Track

$221.95 each

3854 - Harken System C CB Track Mounting Kit - Flat

$138.95 each

3868 - Harken System C CB Batten Car w/12mm Stud

$703.95 each

3870 - Harken System C CB Batten Car w/16mm Stud

$748.95 each

3869 - Harken System C CB Batten Car w14mm Stud

$710.95 each

3867 - Harken System C CB Headboard Car Assembly

$1,730.95 each

3871 - Harken System C CB"termediate Car

$339.95 each

3873 - Harken System C CB Reef Car

$688.95 each

3875 - Harken System C CB Screwpin Endstop Kit - Flat

$302.95 each

3872 - Harken System C CB Universal Car

$560.95 each

3877 - Harken System C Square Top Headboard

$901.95 each

3876 - Harken System C Standard Headboard

$586.95 each