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.Category:Repair & Maintainence > Paints and Supplies > Anti-Fouling > VC-17 Bottom Paint
Manufacturer: Interlux
Part Number: VC17M YBA405KITQT
VC17m Extra - Original, Quart

Part #VC17M YBA405KITQT from Interlux

VC17m Extra�s thin film yields a super smooth racing finish that would normally take days of tiresome sanding. The Teflon� finish is great for racing sailors and powerboats looking for that extra knot.

What�s more, VC17 Extra is easy to apply by roller or airless spray and dries in minutes allowing for same day launchings. When it comes time to recoat the next year no sanding is required, just clean and apply. Now that�s easy!

VC17 Extra contains metallic copper and Biolux Slime blocking technology to protect your boat from zebra mussels, teredo worms, weed, algae and slime fouling. It�s the ideal paint for the Great Lakes, inland lakes and low fouling saltwater areas.

How Biolux Technology Works As sunlight diffracts through the water, it provides energy for algae to use in colonizing on the boat hull. Biolux acts at the surface of the paint film to inhibit the algae�s ability to conduct photosynthesis. Algae cannot therefore grow on the surface of the paint. Without Biolux, the surface of the paint film becomes coated with a layer of slime. That coating inhibits the release of copper, the primary antifouling agent in Ultra.

Retail: $67.69
Our price: $65.00 - each


Special shipping notice for this product:
Because of this product's hazardous shipping designation, this product and other products ordered with this product are only available in the United States and must be shipped by surface carrier.

If this product is ordered with other products that you would like shipped by standard shipping methods, you may contact support to arrange for special split shipments.

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