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The Racor Turbine Series
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How it works:

As fuel enters, it moves past the internal check valve then through the turbine centrifuge where it flows in a spiraling direction, spinning off large particulates and water droplets. Being heavier than fuel, they fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Smaller water droplets bead-up along and on the sides of the internal components and on the surface of the Aquabloc II element. When heavy enough, they too fall into the high-capacity bowl to be drained as needed.

Besides repelling water and tiny solids, asphaltenes, algae and rust are filtered from fuel by the Aquabloc II element. Because Aquabloc II elements are waterproof, they remain effective longer.

When Replacing Filters
Always Use Aquabloc II Elements

Make certain that you replace your elements only with Genuine Racor Aquabloc II filters. While many others try to imitate the construction and performance of Aquabloc elements, only the genuine article delivers the fit and performance specified by engine manufacturers, and, guarantees that your Racor Filter/Separator will deliver the protection you count on.

Besides removing asphaltenes, water, gums and varnishes, Aquabloc II elements filter tiny particles of dirt and algae from fuel. Aquabloc II elements are rustproof – with polymer end-caps that won’t ever corrode. With an Aquabloc II replacement element, you get a complete kit with all the seals you need. And not just any seals, but specially formulated, Racorengineered seals.

To find the proper replacement filter for your application, see our Racor turbine systems filter replacement guide.