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The Racor Turbine Series
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Selecting the correct replacement element:

Use the links below to purchase the filter with the proper micron for your Racor filtration system.

For the Turbine 500 Series:
2-Micron: 2010SM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now
10-Micron: 2010TM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now
30-Micron: 2010PM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now

For the Turbine 900 Series:
2-Micron: 2040SM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now
10-Micron: 2040TM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now
30-Micron: 2040PM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now

For the Turbine 1000 Series:
2-Micron: 2020SM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now
10-Micron: 2020TM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now
30-Micron: 2020PM-OR - Get More Details - Buy Now

How to select the correct micron rating for your application:

30 micron: This is always considered a primary filter. It is the first filter in line as fuel travels toward your engine. It is used to filter raw fuel or fuel that is known to be of a poor or questionable quality. This size filter is used before the fuel is passed on for futher filteration by either a 10 or 2 micron filter.

10 micron: The 10 micron filter is usually used as a primary filter where the fuel is known to be of a good quality. The position of this filter is flexible. It can be used as a primary or secondary filter. In most cases this filter is used as a primary filter before the fuel is passed on to the engine's secondary filtering system which is usually a 2 micron final filter.

2 micron: The two micron filter is always used as secondary (or final) filtration. It follows either a 30 or 10 micron primary filtration unit.

A simple rule to remember is that the finer the filtration, the more frequent the filter change. No matter what micron filters you use in your system you should always have spare filters on board your vessel.

Why use genuine Aquablock II Elements?

Make certain that you replace your elements only with Genuine Racor Aquabloc II filters. While many others try to imitate the construction and performance of Aquabloc elements, only the genuine article delivers the fit and performance specified by engine manufacturers, and, guarantees that your Racor Filter/Separator will deliver the protection you count on.

For convenience, end-caps are color-coded for easy identification and application.

  • brown for 2-micron secondary/final filtration,
  • blue for 10-micron primary or secondary and
  • red for 30-micron primary filtration.
The top cap includes handles for easy servicing and an element bypass button for emergencies.

Aquabloc II media is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with engineered fibers and a special chemical treatment. Water won’t even cling to the element. Aquabloc II repels it.

Racor filter elements include an emergency by-pass.

Besides removing asphaltenes, water, gums and varnishes, Aquabloc II elements filter tiny particles of dirt and algae from fuel. Aquabloc II elements are rustproof with polymer end-caps that won't ever corrode. With an Aquabloc®II replacement element, you get a complete kit with all the seals you need. And not just any seals, but speciallyformulated, Racor engineered seals.